Exocet Advisory is a Consulting and Training Practice specialized in Commodities Trading, Risk Management and Operations.

In the aftermath of the Financial Crisis, Commodities Finance & Markets have a vital role to play in the economic recovery.

Yet, the credit quality of the counterparts, the illiquidity and the complexity of Commodities physical and derivatives markets remain too often a major obstacle in investing soundly in Commodities related projects.

Exocet Advisory was designed to address these challenges and help corporate clients and investment banks customize and Commodity-proof their systems and processes. 

We are also independent, which means we can guarantee the best unbiased advice and make sure the solutions we implement for you are always perfectly adequate. 

Whether you are new to Commodities, looking to invest, or an already established bank, reviewing and upgrading its Commodities systems, Exocet has three business units designed to help your company overcome these challenges and succeed in your Commodity projects and ambitions.


Welcome to our vision of Commodities

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